"when you can come home from a vacation with a little white sand in the bottom of your suitcase,sunburn that will eventually turn to tan lines,beautiful shells found on a pristine beach,and a relaxed mind...I'd call that a success. BUT if you can bring all that back plus,a new found knowledge and respect of a culture you knew nothing about,days spent with people warmer than the sun they live under,new found friends you want to stay connected to and memories that will be thought of and stories that will be told over and over again in our home for years to come..then i call that an epic success ! You Nailed it Halvorson House Cat Island Bahamas ! we cant wait to get back ! love and thanks to Matt,Sooner,Stella,Mattie,Juan,Rose,Marlene ,and all the critters"
- Jennifer Beltran, Pennsylvania, USA
"We loved everything about the time we spent at Halvorson House. Our bungalow was charming, clean, comfortable, spacious, and steps from the most pristine white sand beach I’ve ever walked on... Cat island is super peaceful and friendly. Load up your e-reader, tablet, and/or music player before jumping on the puddle jumper from Nassau and you're set for a restful vacation. Talking to the friendly locals is great entertainment and the Halvorson Family goes out of their way to make sure that you have a great time."
-Donald Martin, Jr., Concord, CA., U.S.A
"Halvorson House Villa Resort is a hidden gem on Cat Island. The location is truly breathtaking. Our bedroom window looked out onto one of the most pristine sandy beaches we had ever seen. The accommodation is clean and well appointed... Our nine month old was able to go for a swim in the sea and then cool off inside the room before getting too hot.  Matt and Sooner are charming hosts. They have created a relaxed family vibe and nothing is too much trouble for them. The only downside was that we should have stayed for longer."
- Ed Kemp, London, England, U.K.
"I stayed at the Halvorson resort when it was previously the Pompey resort, so I have something to compare it to. I must say, the Halvorson have done a WONDERFUL job in the renovations of the property. They have clear the way from each villa to the beach, and what a view from every villa. I stayed in the two bedroom suite and it is perfect for a family to vacation. The services were trememdous, and the Halvorson are some of the nicest property owners in Cat Island. We were met at the airport by Mr. Holvorson, and upon arrival at the property was given a complete tour, which I may add was quite thorough. The openness of the property and trust worthiness of the owners are beyond words. I may go on to say, that in my opinion, this property WILL be the property to stay when visiting Cat Island. The proximity to the airport is perfect for those who won't be renting cars, and in walking distance to a couple of other properties. Hats off to you both, Mr. & Mrs. Halvorson, a job well done. I WILL BE STAYING AT YOUR PROPERTY EVERYTIME I'M IN CAT ISLAND. (And by the way, I'm a Bahamian and I've visited many properties in the Bahamas, and this one is up there if you're looking for relaxation and complete tranquility.)"
-Arlene Smith, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas